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I always loved reading. Growing up in a small town in a remote province in Southwest China, books were my only window to the world.  In fact, my dream was to become a librarian, so that I could read books all day long!  I haven’t veered too far away from my dream. I am now very lucky to make my dream more exciting using Artificial Intelligence and Machines as my friends. My research team's research focuses on enabling machines to read and extract unstructured text to accumulate knowledge. This knowledge is then used to open new frontiers of societally useful applications for humanity. For example, by building knowledge from reading, understanding, and integrating millions of scientific publications on drug compounds, we can now program machines to help scientists discover new drug compounds that might be useful to try, and explore ideas for new types of drug compounds. Machines running on AI can be our friends, helping us cut the time in our journey through the infinite universe of information. They can speed up the discovery of newer and better drugs to cure diseases.

I am Yunyao Li and with the help of my AI friends, I read books all day to help the world make important discoveries for humanity.

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