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Thank you for sharing your story with the New Voices! We’re excited to read it, and we’ll be in touch.

What the New Voices Will Do With Your Stories 

Imagine submitting an article to a journal with worldwide reach. Your article would first have to get a bite from the editorial office and then be peer-reviewed before it appears as a published product for the world to enjoy. New Voices plan to use a similar model for your stories.

The Process
  • Each submission will be carefully vetted for quality and relevance by a panel of outstanding SEM professionals.

  • The vetted and shortlisted stories will then be considered for graphical illustration and further editing (you will be notified and New Voices will work closely with you on this).

The Plan

Your amazing SEM story and illustration may be used in:

  • Online stories on the New Voices website 

  • New Voices Professional Network Map

  • An illustrated children's book on the 'Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors' 

  • K-16 outreach presentations to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and doctors

  • Storyboards for potential films and documentaries in collaboration with the National Academies Science and Entertainment Exchange

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