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Tell a story that is uniquely personal and related to your journey as a scientist*, engineer*, or doctor*. 

Tell us about YOU - Where do you come from? What defines you? What do you love? What were you like as a child? What makes you curious? 

Tell us about an adventure you experienced, a hurdle you faced, or a failure you that set you back. How did you persevere? 

Tell us about an interesting twist that happened on your journey to becoming a scientist, engineer, or doctor. How did you find your true calling? 

*We recognize that scientists, engineers, and medical practitioners come from all walks of life, and have diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences. We encourage submissions from everyone, including (and especially) those for whom this terminology doesn't seem like a perfect fit. 


We don't want to limit your creativity, but we have a few suggestions that can help your story to make the biggest impact: 


  • Keep your story between 250 and 500 words. 

  • Look up some helpful rules for storytelling -- be honest, have a purpose, give us a character to root for (YOU), let us in on your emotions, use descriptive language, include something unexpected, and keep it simple.

  • Check out some examples from the New Voices here and here and here.

  • Keep your audience in mind -- are you speaking to school children? The general public? Other scientists? We envision that these illustrated stories will be primarily for school children, but they may also catch the interest of the general public!

  • See what the New Voices plan to do with your stories (The Process and The Plan).

  • Remember, this is YOUR story -- and we can't wait to hear it!

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