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New Voices attend Tsukuba Conference for Future Shapers and Science & Technology in Society Forum

Tsukuba and Kyoto, Japan

October 2-9, 2019

New Voices’ members Tyrone Grandison (Data-Driven Institute) and Patricia Silveyra (UNC Chapel Hill) represented New Voices at the 2019 Tsukuba Conference For Future Shapers in Tsukuba, Japan (October 2-4) and the 2019 STS Science & Technology in Society Forum (October 6-9) in Kyoto, Japan. Grandison and Silveyra joined members of national young academies from around the world, including representatives of the Global Young Academy, to discuss emerging trends in science and technology that are shaping responses to global challenges and informing policy actions around the world.

Caption: Patricia Silveyra (center) participates in a discussion with Takaaki Kajita (right), recipient of the 2015 Nobel Laureate in Physics, and Asako Iwaki (left).

Caption: New Voices’ members Tyrone Grandison (upper left) and Patricia Silveyra (upper right) spending time at the STS Forum in Kyoto with John Hildebrand, Foreign Secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (lower left), and Felix Dapare Dakora, President of the African Academy of Sciences (lower right).

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