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New Voices attend 2nd World Laureates Forum

Shanghai, China

October 28, 2019

New Voices’ members Abhishek Roy (The Dow Chemical Company) and Yunyao Li (IBM) were invited to attend the 2nd World Laureates Forum in Shanghai, China held between 10/28-11/1. Participating in the Forum were 65 laureates, including 44 nobel laureates, in addition to 100 outstanding young scientists from around the world who were nominated to attend.

The program’s themes were improving support for basic research and encouraging research advances by young investigators worldwide. Panel discussions included perspectives from laureates and were organized around 8 pressing topics including: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, New Drug Discovery, Life Sciences, Novel Chemistry, New Energy and New Materials, Black Hole and Aerospace Technology, Economics and Finance. Laureates provided their perspective on next-generation research needs followed by open discussions.

A full-day workshop themed WLA Young Scientists Forum allowed voices for the early-career researchers to be heard through individual presentations, poster presentations, and roundtable discussions.

Issues such as collaboration and open access, support for basic research, and fostering support for curiosity-driven research were highlighted as critical topics for the future. Specific emphasis was given to the topic of increasing support for younger generations to drive curiosity-driven basic science work.

Several laureates argued that curiosity is a critical ingredient for creativity and that we need more support and emphasis on this aspect in developing scientific careers and making breakthrough discoveries.

Caption: Opening Ceremony at the World Laureate’s Association Annual Forum in Shanghai, China.

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