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NASEM Forum on Postsecondary Response to COVID-19 (VIRTUAL)

New Voices partners with the National Academies' Board on Higher Education and Workforce (BHEW) to host a series of conversations to bring together academic, industry, government, and civic leaders across the country to understand the varied facets of what has happened so far, what is currently happening, and what is expected to happen in the weeks and months ahead.

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Webinar Schedule:

April 09: How can researchers help the national response efforts?

April 15: How can and are laboratories shifting research agendas?

April 16: How can we crowd-source scientists to improve public information?

April 17: How can we provide policy advice to the nation faster?

New Voices' members participating:

Organizing Committee: Ali Nouri, Patricia Silveyra, Michelle Birkett, Olujimi Ajijola

Panelists: Tyrone Grandison

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