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3rd International Women in Science without Borders: March 12-14, 2019

The 3rd International Women in Science without Borders (WISWB) Conference will take place 12-14 March 2019 in Egypt.

After successful conferences in Egypt (2017) and South Africa (2018), the third conference will focus on ‘Science Diplomacy for Sustainable Development’.

The Conference will be preceded by a training programme on ‘Science diplomacy and science advice’ on 10-11 March 2019.

WISWB is an initiative to increase cooperation between female and male scientists on the basis of excellence of scientific research where participants of WISWB are expected to present their cutting-edge research.

All fields of STEM including medicine (science, technology, math and engineering) are eligible for participation in the conference. Also, related social studies are eligible for participation. A preconference course on science diplomacy/science advice (10-11 March 2019) will be provided for young scientists from developing countries whose contributions (poster/oral) will be accepted.

For further details and the deadline for applications, see here.

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